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batman robin oc request outline

The story has been pre-written so many times in my head today, so this outline is just me rambling random thoughts. Its lovely and well written in my mind, and its a fantastic little roleplay she has going on, I hope I can do them all justice when I write it out…Oh my poor brain and lack of my rambling and what not may seem like non sense and all weird and but its how i plan out most of my work…I figured you guys might like to see for once.

Robin/batman/Oracle/”K”nickname Kitten

robin x Kitten, kinda

kitten and batman cant come in contact or whats ever is injected into them reacts and goes all nuts..The requester, my friend Sandra, needs to talk more about that, (its all based on a rp she has going on)

Alfred appears too for a moment, she makes witty remark on his poker face something like “You know I bet you be great at poker….” she says it with a smirk being witty after his little sarcastic comment at Dick. maybe…if i add that part.

Robin is mostly out of costume being far to over protective, working on the computers

Oracle is always busy, wont sugar coat things but is worried about everyone safety 

Batman is being stubborn and a bit of a jerk to everyone because he is well stressed out and going through hell at the moment…..cant blame him though..

…..will figure out how to end it later….

Lines that need to be added/requested..

"Your room sir?"-Alfred (There will be a joke behind this or something close to one..I swear…It will be amusing when this pops up….it was when i write in my mind…this "scene” was my favorite……….)

"…and if my body rejects it….I die.."She said slowly finishing his sentence. (Talking about cures and whats going on in their fucked up blood streams)

"I suppose you are going to want the most dangerous way to get in right?,"……….."Well lucky for you, the only way to get in, is the most dangerous way. Cordinats are being sent to you as we speak.."…….-insert other chatting here- "and..Bruce." "What Oracle?" "Please…just..done die on me okay?"

"Get it through you stubborn brain old man! You cant do everything yourself…Even batman needs some one to rely on in times like this……..So..please just let me help…."

"I know that, and Im prepared to take those risk, Why else would I take such a job? The danger is most of the fun, the outfits though are a close second…."

"Sir have you ever considered a bigger belt?" "I have but its to heavy, slows me down." ((Im not gonna lie, I laughed at this while playing the game…))

  • 1 March 2012